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Alright so it’s Autumn and I’m going to give you some tips on what to wear, how to fix your hair, and how to do your make-up.

First off, let’s start with some fashion tips for Fall. Now, above you’ll see a set I’ve made with polyvore. I’m loving hi low skirts with a classy, floral tank top. It may look summery, but I think it looks great for Autumn. Definitely something to wear to your job. If you pair it with a nice cardigan, it’ll look perfect! Wearing shoes similar to to Jeffrey Campbell make it look really classy and fall-like. Wear a nice necklace. Not too bold, but not too tiny so people can’t see. Wear a pearl bracelet like in the set. And for your bag, it doesn’t have to be a Birkin, but it could be similar to it. There. Your outfit it set for Autumn!

As for the hair, you want it to be nice and wavy to show of your summery look. You can put it up in a nice and neat ponytail, which is always classy. Buns are really in this fall. Now, pixie cuts, to me, aren’t really Autumn-like. It, to me, more of a summery style. During Autumn, I like to let my hair get super long until the Summer months where it’ll be time to cut it and keep me cool. That’s just my opinion. You can, however, cut it if you please.

As for the make-up, keep it light and less, which it should always be like. Dab on some blush and some lip gloss. Maybe some earth tones for Autumn. Go with earth tones definitely because that’s a fall favorite and every girl seems to love those tones for Autumn.

Well, that’s it for those tips! Hope you all enjoyed it! I have some big news!! I am apparently going to be making an appearance in a Taylor Swift music video. I have a lot of movie premieres to go to. I’m going to Paris really soon. A lot of great stuff in store for me. You can keep in touch with me here, or on my Facebook, where I’ll say a quick hello. You can email me at SamanthaAllTimeLow@gmail.com if you have any fashion, beauty, and/or primp requests you want me to cover. You can find me on Instagram as hausofsamantha. You can also find me on Ask.fm as SamanthaLuciano and you can ask me anything but personal questions. Any personal questions will be deleted. Well, I’ve got to go. Kiss kiss xoxo