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So, I’m so glad you guys enjoyed that last post! Makes me smile. In this post, I will be reviewing One Direction’s song, Little Things.

Little Things by One Direction. This song is a little sad, but it’s definitely worth listening to. It’s beautiful! It’s definitely that song you would listen to when you’re feeling down, you know? It made me smile when I first heard it. Their fans are called Directioners, and I know that they’re so proud of their boys for coming this far. I hear the music video is coming out on November 2nd! I bet you guys are all excited for that!! But anyway, this song is definitely worth taking a listen to. I give it five stars.

So, in the next post, I will reviewing four books that I’ve read recently. And the post after that, I will be talking about autism. You can email me anytime at SamanthaAllTimeLow@gmail.com if you want me to review a certain book/album/song or talk about something serious or if you have any beauty/fashion/primp requests you want me to cover or if you have any advice. My 21st birthday is coming up in five days and I’m really excited about that! Catch me at the Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2 Premiere really soon. Until then, love ya xoxo