When people say that whatever we decide to do, make sure it makes us happy, it makes me question them a little bit. When we decide to, let’s say, become a writer, they start to judge us. Why say that when you’re going to complain about the career we’ve chosen? It irks me a bit. Why can’t they just be happy with whatever we choose to do in life? I’m pretty sure that people have done the same to you. Think before you say something to someone. Let them be happy with whatever they’ve chosen.

Besides that, Happy Columbus Day! Gossip Girl is back tonight at 9/8c on the CW. Switched at Birth is on tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family. Also, if you did not get a chance to watch Hollywood Heights, the encore starts tonight at 10/9c on TeenNick and they will show every episode leading up to the finale. The Vampire Diaries premieres this Thursday on the CW. Excited for that! And right after TVD premieres, the brand new show Beauty and the Beast will premiere. I may check it out and see if I like it. Then, Jersey Shore at 10/9c on MTV. Real Housewives of New Jersey was insane last night. I really think Joe is cheating on Teresa. Teresa’s kids are so disrespectful to Melissa it’s not even funny. Melissa treats them so well and she gets nothing in return. I think Melissa is amazing! She deserves everything. Next Sunday shall be really interesting because it’s Joe vs. Joe. Bring on the popcorn!

So, I’m going to go now and get some stuff at the store and relax while my shows are recording for tonight. New post tomorrow? We’ll see…