So,  when we’re little we were supposed to believe that age old tale that if a guy makes fun of you, he likes you. Honestly, I don’t believe that because if he likes you, he’ll let you know in his own special way, not by making fun of you in a bullying kind of way. Like, if he says he’ll call you,  he’ll make the effort to call you. He’ll get off his lazy ass and call you to see if you’d like to go out with him. It’s basic logic. If he wants to go on a date with you, he’ll ask you out. This works vice versa. The answer? Be patient. Because  if he really wants to go on a date with you, he’ll make an effort to ask you out. Or the other way around.  So, why is that guys like to play mind tricks, but when it comes to girls and mind tricks, they get all confused? Guys need to learn a lesson of mind tricks. When they say “I don’t deserve you” or “I’m gonna be so jealous of the guy who marries you”, remember that that could’ve been you, sweetie. You know, the one that’s treating us right and holding us tight. Those are the mind tricks that you men play with us, but you don’t even notice because you’re too focused on having sex with us. See, men are just as confusing as we are, but both don’t even seem to notice it.

Can you really change for a guy if you really love him? Well, people say don’t ever change for a guy, but if you really love the guy and he really loves you, but he just doesn’t like that one habit of yours, try and stop that habit. Whether it’s smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or simple as cursing, try and stop those habits of yours. Unfortunately, some people can’t stop those habits and prefer to find someone who can actually live with those bad habits. So, there’s two ways. One way is to stop your habit if you both really love each other. The second way is to find someone who will put up with your habits.  I’ve been there. That’s why I don’t want to be in a relationship again just yet.  But yes, those are your two ways.

Why do guys call us sluts when we cheat but when they cheat it’s okay? Honestly, I have no answer. But it does upset me how we get called sluts and when guys do it, it’s okay. Cheating is never okay. It’s usually never the answer as well. Men, you should think twice what you call us because that means when you guys cheat, we have the ultimate right to call you a name. The answer is to basically think twice what you call girls because it’s not okay when you cheat, too.

Why do married men go out and act like they’re single? Is it because they can’t commit or do they just miss the single life? Here’s some advice to all married men: if you can’t commit, don’t be in a relationship and stick to being single. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only one in your group who’s not married. At least you can hook up all you want when they have to go to work, go home, and have a beer while watching the game. Be proud that you’re single. The same goes to girls. Getting married isn’t all about the ring, the dress, or whatever. It’s about love. Ah, love. Good old love.  If you can’t commit, stay single until you’ve finally found the one that you really love.  Truth is, I can’t even be in a relationship if the guy is all about marriage. I can’t even handle marriage. It’s not that I’m scared of commitment, it’s that I’m scared of – maybe that’s it. Yeah, maybe I am scared of commitment, and that’s okay because there are some people who can’t take commitment.

Can we still be in love even if the significant other is abusive? Yes, and that’s fine, but sweetie, you can’t be in that relationship. Abusive relationships are not fun. Call your parents, your friends, the police.  You cannot afford to be abused. You need to pack your bags and get your ass out of there immediately. No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. I’ve never been in one, but I know some girls who have been in an abusive relationship and it hurt me watching them get hurt. So, please, do all of your friends a favor and get the hell out of that relationship.

Is marriage really just a job or do you really need days off to relax? Well, it gets me thinking that marriage might not be a job, but it’s considered work. You have to put effort and make rules for each other. You have to design your own life. When people say that they’re taking a few days off from their marriage, it basically means that they’re going to have a sleepover at their friends’ or familys’ house to relax until they get back to themselves, you know? Now, I may not be married, but I know some people who are married who tell me that they take time off to calm down.

So, you’ve heard all of my opinions on everything. From marriage to the single life. I hope you take my words seriously. Especially if you live in New York because this city tends to have many married men looking for a good time. Make sure you look closely at who’s real and who’s fake as a Fendi purse on the street. No one deserves to be cheated on or hit on by someone who’s married.